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Transportation (Import and Export)

Border Security


Transportation (Import and Export)

Wright Logistics provides a full range of transport services to importers, exporters, freight forwarders and customs agents. As one of the preeminent wharf carriers on the Melbourne waterfront we pride ourselves in our commitment to quality, service and being able to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for all your transport and distribution needs; including:
  • General container cartage including drop trailer deliveries
  • Sidelifter deliveries – so you can load and/or unload your container safe and sound on the ground at your own premises
  • Distrbution
  • Refrigerated containers – we can deliver refrigerated containers with or without power
  • Over-dimensional – we are experienced in moving all types of sizes of over-dimensional cargo
  • AQIS fumigation of container cargo prior to delivery
  • Both inter and intra state cartage
  • Major events consultation and cartage co-ordination
  • Hazardous cargo – our fleet is geared and licensed to carry hazardous cargo
FCL (Full Container Load) Deliveries
Wright Logistics has over 30 years’ experience delivering FCLs and is proud of its reputation as one of the preeminent FCL distributors in Melbourne. We have an extensive fleet of equipment that gives us the ability to deliver efficiently and timely. Our main depot is located centrally 15 minutes from the wharf and less than 2 minutes from the Melbourne freeway and city link systems.
Drop Trailer Deliveries
Drop trailer deliveries are provided to customers who wish to unload at a time most convenient to them. This option removes the stress associated with the time frames normally accompanying such procedures.
We at Wright Logistics understand the enormous demands this industry brings and happily provide this service to any of our customers who request it.
Sidelifter Deliveries
With over 30 years experience, Wright Logistics has the most extensive knowledge in sidelifter delivery on the Melbourne Waterfront. As pioneers of the sidelifter, Wright Logistics has advanced beyond its competitors to deliver a service unparalleled. We at Wright Logistics offer a flexible service where we can drop/pick-up 40ft and 20ft containers at our clients’ depots offering convenience and efficiency unmatched by others.
Being one of the first companies in Victoria to trial the sidelifter as a new technological advance, it has put us ahead of many competitors in terms of experience, efficiency and customer service.
Over Dimensional Deliveries

Over dimensional loads are loads that exceed the standard width, height and/or length of a standard 20ft or 40ft container.

Wright Logistics is experienced in carrying and organising over-dimensional loads of all shapes and sizes – for more information or a quote please see below.

Recently a client had crated machinery imported on Flat Rack Containers.  These Crates needed to be delivered to a suburban location, unfortunately the crates on the Flat Racks were too high to transport in situ.  We were able to unload the crates and deliver them on a drop deck trailer ensuring the client was not held up and the delivery was completed legally and within COR.  See images in our Gallery section.

Refrigerated Deliveries
Wright Logistics has extensive experience delivering refrigerated containers. Being one of the major transport companies on the Melbourne waterfront, Wright Logistics takes pride in its ability to deliver a service that is unique and specialised. We understand what it takes and the hard work involved in delivering a reefer container. It is a specialised service that we at Wright Logistics enjoy and always deliver cold and on time.
Dangerous Goods Deliveries
Dangerous goods are substances and articles that are potentially hazardous to people and property. They may be corrosive, flammable, explosive, oxidizing or reactive with water. Whatever their properties and their potential for injury and destruction, great care is needed in their handling, storage and transport.
Wright Logistics is currently licensed to handle all types of dangerous goods. With an extensive history in dealing with dangerous goods, Wright Logistics is proud to say it has an enviable safety record and a wealth of experience and knowledge in this dangerous facet of the transport industry.

Border Security


As an approved premises Wright Logistics can arrange and complete your goods Fumigation requirements on site.  This on-site activity can remove 3 – 5 days from the supply chain, once again, providing a more efficient movement of your goods.



Container Pack – Unpack

Sometimes it is necessary, or just more convenient, for the container to be unpacked and the contents only be delivered. Likewise for Exports, you can deliver your goods to our depot and we will pack the container and deliver it to the Wharf.

Storage, Delivery

If you need your goods stored for a period, we can arrange this, we can even deliver direct to your customer

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