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Information Center

Education, training and communication are key elements to success and successful relationships.

Wright Logistics is a great advocate for this concept and has created this area to help improve the knowledge base of our staff, customers, and potential clients to learn more about the transport industry without leaving the comfort of their own desk.

Chain of Responsibility

Learn about the chain of responsibility within the transport industry. Who is responsible for what, and what duty of care is required.

Chain of Responsibility – The overview of the chain of responsibility

Consignor – Recieved – The responsibility held by the receiver

Packer – Loader – The responibility held by the packer/loader of the truck/vessel

Driver – The responsibility held by the driver.

Fleet Controller – Manager – The responsibility held by the fleet controller/manager

Container Specifications

Learn about the road laws within Victoria regarding B-doubles and legal weights allowed to be carried.


Learn about different container specifications regarding their weight capacities and dimensions.

B-Double Arterial Roads in Melbourne – Learn about the B-Double arterial routes that B-doubles are allowed to travel in Melbourne

Oversize Load Carrying Vehicles – Learn about Vic Roads laws on oversize load carrying vehicles.

Over-Dimensional Loads -Additional Permits – Learn about the permits and laws regarding over dimensional loads.

Vehicle Weight Limits – Learn about the laws regarding gross carrying capacity of any vehicle.

The Dangerous Goods Code of Practice – A thorough overview of the dangers and cautions involved with dangerous goods.

Dangerous Goods Segregation ChartD  – A poster comprising of a segregation table outlining what chemicals can be stored
together and which ones can’t.

Dangerous Goods

Learn more about transporting and storing dangerous goods.

Glossary of Terms

Find it difficult to understand the jargon used within the transport industry? Find all you need here to help you understand

 Glossary of Terms – If you are unsure of any jargon used in the transport industry, try finding it here in our glossary of terms. Very helpful for first timers in the industry.

AQIS Glossary of Terms  – Unsure about AQIS? Try finding what your looking for in this glossary of terms.

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