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About Us

Doing it “The Wright way” since 1978

Our History

NEW – Wrights are pleased to announce the purchase of a new Quad Axle Sideloader.  Quad Axle allows for additional weight to be legally carried on the road aleviating the need for additional chase trucks and reducing the overall cost whilst complying with COR requirements.

Wrights Container Logistics is a privately owned and operated logistics business specialising in Wharf Cartage.  With Mark Wright as managing director you can be assured of receiving large business capability with a small business “care factor” and dynamic capabilities.

In September 2008 we moved into our new premises located just off the Ring Road in Laverton North, giving us room to grow and expand. Wrights maintains a strong commitment to safety, the environment and maintaining good growth with plans to continue growing, but only as it has the competencies to do so

Our existing clientele are long term customers most of whom have been with us for 20 years or more.

At Wright Logistics our team are dedicated to:

Provide the highest standard of service to customers, without compromising on health and safety.

Be the preferred supplier of services to
customers within its capabilities.

Seek to improve continually in whatever the
company does.


During 2017 it became obvious that the business was attracting attention from several business’ that valued true service and were asking us to complete their work for them.  Management identified, without some serious planning this could lead to the business becoming stressed.

A decision was made to not wait for this to happen and to conduct a full review of the business with an eye on the future.

The Operations department has been given a full revamp allowing for stress free growth ensuring there is a plan to ensure resources keep pace with demand.  Detailed analysis was completed to identify what are the “real” reasons our clients have stayed with us for so many years and once identified, have been “written in stone” as part of our Mission, Vision and Core Values, all staff have been consulted in these and they are fully on board to protect what is important to our clients.

This has been supplemented with, new Logo, web site, policies and procedures and many new internal changes that, if we have got this right, clients will notice very little changing, if anything, an improvement in already high levels of service.

In simple terms, “Wright”, is the right choice, the right choice as a supplier, employer, partner.

What We Do


There is an old saying that goes something like “Stick to your knitting”.  This means that you should decide what you do, do it well and don’t try to be all things for all people.  As a specialised Wharf Carrier, we can focus on that market segment and by extension all our resources are as an operator of specialised fleets.  We continually keep innovation at the forefront of our operations by designing and working with equipment manufacturers to create specialised equipment solutions, including vehicle combinations accredited under the Performance Based Scheme.

Our modern, company owned fleet includes modern prime movers, container trailers, side loaders, B-doubles, HPV’s and Tautliners, all serviced by Reach Stackers, Heavy Forklifts and Empty Container Forklifts.

These specialised combinations provide both Wright Logistics and customers a competitive edge by ensuring increased productivity and creating smarter ways to deliver freight.  All our fleet is monitored by GPS tracking allowing location and planning to the highest and most efficient levels.

Compliance to the National Heavy Vehicle accreditation scheme:

Whilst our equipment is highly maintained and modern, we believe that people still hold the key to safe operations and we ensure our staff have access to regular training and personal development activities and programs.

Maintenance Management ensures Wrights modern fleet is maintained to the highest standard and in line with manufacturer guidelines.

Operators are trained on safety performance, load restraint, chain of responsibility and fatigue management and is this training is regularly followed up with refresher sessions.

Our clients can feel at ease that Wrights are committed to meeting chain of responsibility requirements.

Mark Wright, Managing Director

Following a successful Professional sporting career, Mark has been the driving force of the business.  Starting from very humble beginnings the business has grown on the back of Marks burning passion to provide exceptional levels of service.  This is supported by the fact that a number of our clients have been with us for 25 years plus

Julie Breheny, Accounts & Finance

Having helped grow the business, almost from day 1, Julie is very familiar with all our clients and processes.  Julie has played a major role in the development of our internal systems and provided invaluable advice for all things of a financial nature.  Julie is always available to discuss client’s individual requirement working tirelessly to ensure the needs of the business and the client are aligned.

Maggie Mei, Operations

The backbone of Wright Logistics customer service, Maggie is the “go to person” interfacing customer requirements with job delivery.  Originally from Wuhan China, Maggie has proven to be an asset being able to communicate in multiple languages ensuring nothing gets “lost in translation.  Holding a master’s in business, IT and a Batcheler of Supply Chain Logistics Maggie brings a great deal to the table for our clients

Eric Le, Customer Service

Eric is a recent member of the team and comes from a very demanding customer service role with Fuji Xerox.  Holding a Batcheler of business in supply chain logistics, Eric is a welcome addition to the team and had already been “adopted” by a number of clients as their first point of contact when they need anything.

Zoe Jiang, Customer Service

(currently on extended leave)

Zoe and Maggie started with Wrights around the same time and Zoe holds herself to the same high standard.  Well known and liked by customers we are all looking forward to her return in 2019

Rob Connelly, General Management

Rob has many years of industry experience at executive level supported by a successful executive coaching and mentoring background.  Rob also has a master’s degree in business and several post grad. Qualifications.  Additionally, Rob has a concurrent role with the Victorian Transport Association advising on the Wharf Cartage segment of Victorian Transport.

Wright Logistics Vic Pty Ltd, 12 Raymond Road, Laverton North, VIC, 3026. ABN 35 624 903 162

Ph: (03) 8360 9557 Fax: (03) 8360 9556  Email:  info@wrightslogistics.com.au