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Our Vision

To be the preferred and most trusted resource for the landside transportation of containers and containerised freight in Victoria

Our Mission

Meet peoples expectations, they are happy.
Exceed these expectations, they are delighted.
Do the things others can not or will not do, they become amazed.


At Wrights, service is more than a “Catch Phrase”, it’s a way of life.

Wrights clients are:

  • Always Happy

  • Regularly Delighted

  • Often Amazed

Do it the ‘Wright’ way.

Core values “of” the business, form the foundation of decisions “for” the business

Wisdom                Decisions made with the benefit of experience and an eye on the future.

Respect                 Respect for our customers, staff, the public and ourselves.

Integrity                We are unified, act in a morally correct manner, accountable for our actions.

Growth                  We are committed to controlled growth that will benefit all.

Honesty                Speak and act with honesty and openness leading to trust and respect.

Trust                     Trust in each other and grow trust from our clients.

Do it the WRIGHT way.

Wright Logistics Vic Pty Ltd, 12 Raymond Road, Laverton North, VIC, 3026. ABN 35 624 903 162

Ph: (03) 8360 9557 Fax: (03) 8360 9556  Email:  info@wrightslogistics.com.au